A new type of clothing display props production method


The utility model relates to the technical field of display table structure, in particular to a clothing display prop. In national standards, clothing is defined as products sewn and worn to protect and decorate the human body, also known as clothing. Nowadays, for society, clothing has become a need for everyone to decorate themselves, protect themselves, and give themselves and their families. At present, the clothing display structure of the existing structure is single, does not rotate, and the display angle is limited; in addition, when wearing clothes on the display stand, the hand sleeve is too long or too short, which easily affects the clothing display effect.

In view of the problems existing in the existing technology, the utility model provides a clothing display supplies props, novel structure, ingenious design, suitable for various glove sizes of clothing, easy to use, good display effect.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the utility model adopts the following technical solutions: The utility model provides a clothing display item prop, which includes a base, a rotating seat and a glass cover installed on the rotating seat. A humanoid display rack is installed in the glass cover. The two sides of the humanoid display rack are provided with hands, and the hands include a plurality of connecting blocks that are detachably connected in turn.

The clothing display prop rotating seat is rotatably arranged on the base, and a driving mechanism is arranged in the base, and the driving mechanism is used to drive the rotating seat to rotate; the clothing display prop glass cover is provided with multiple ventilation holes on both sides, and the rotating seat The upper end surface is provided with a blowing mechanism, and the blowing mechanism is located in the glass cover. The clothing display supplies prop drive mechanism is a drive motor.

The clothing display article prop blowing mechanism includes a plurality of fans. A plurality of universal wheels of the clothing display prop are evenly distributed and rotatably arranged on the bottom of the base. One side of the connecting block is provided with a plug post, and the other side of the connecting block is provided with a jack to match with the plug post; one end surface of the clothing display article prop connecting block is provided with a plurality of magnets; the other end surface of the connecting block There are a plurality of two magnets matched with one magnet for magnetic attraction.

Rotary positioning columns are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the bottom of the rotary seat of the clothing display prop, a ball is rotatably arranged at the bottom of the rotary positioning column, and a rotary ring groove matched with the rotary positioning column is arranged on the base. A plurality of evenly distributed two balls are rotatably arranged at the bottom of the rotating seat of the clothing display article prop.

The advantages of the above-mentioned clothing display items are: novel structure and ingenious design; preferably, the glass cover is detachably connected with the rotating seat, or the glass cover is provided with a door, which is convenient to replace the clothes in the human-shaped display rack; The connecting blocks are detachably connected, can be lengthened or shortened, can be adapted to clothes of various glove sizes, are convenient to use, and have good display effects; in addition, the blowing mechanism is used for blowing, the effect of air circulation is achieved under the action of the ventilation holes; the blowing mechanism is aligned with the humanoid display stand to blow the clothes on the humanoid display stand, so that the clothes have a fluttering effect and the clothes display effect is better.


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