Window display model props is what kind?


Window display model props play an important role in the display design of clothing stores, which not only highlights the advantages of products, but also reflects the brand image. Model hanger is a silent commodity salesman, is to show clothes intuitive physical advertising, but also to stimulate sales. so the window display model props is what kind?

Window display model props are often used in the form of common models, can be very good, intuitive, complete display clothing wearing effect. Models can make the sales of clothing more dynamic, more intuitive to reflect the characteristics of clothing, clothing in the form of three-dimensional presentation to customers, breaking through the original one-dimensional plane of the shackles. Secondly, the goods on the model can be used for reference by customers when wearing them, so the attraction to customers is unmatched by other props, which shows a variety of collocation of goods. Sometimes, no matter what the sales say, it's not as good as the model's performance!

There are many kinds of model props displayed in the window, some will move, some will not. Some well-made models have not only ears and hair, but also rich facial expressions. Therefore, when choosing, try to make the movements and expressions of the model match the scene and clothing.

In fashion display design, we should make reasonable use of window display model props. The common placement methods are as follows: staggered method: when the fashion model props are displayed before and after, there is more hierarchy, and different levels also give people different visual impacts, so it is much easier to arrange the primary and secondary relationship of products.

231 combination method: this means that two or three clothing model props must be placed in the window, because one is too monotonous, and too many are redundant.

High and low scattering method: This is about the interaction between standing costume model props and sitting costume model props. In this way, the clothing model props can be scattered in the window space design without losing the aesthetic feeling.

When displaying model props in the window, pay attention to the harmony of style between the model and the same theme, so that customers can understand the brand positioning and main products from outside the store. In the style is also similar to the background advertising and props, with harmony.

When placing clothing models in clothing stores, it is necessary to design the route for consumers to walk so that promotional products can be placed in a conspicuous place. Let consumers be interested in the products arranged by designers and increase sales. In addition, clever clothing display can identify and strengthen the brand image and corporate image, and at the same time can create a good sales environment in the store.

For clothing products, the window display model props are mainly used to set off the product, and create an impactful visual effect with the light, so as to highlight the characteristics and quality of the product, and then enhance the purchasing power of consumers. It can be said that the window display model props are an indispensable part of the clothing display.


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