Model props: installation model props note


Model props: installation model props note

Model props note

1. The movement process of model props must be carefully protected. When assembling or disassembling models, all model parts should be placed on soft objects as far as possible to prevent the models from being bruised or scratched due to too much force, especially the edges of the joints of all model parts are simply collapsed and gaps occur.

2. When placing model props in the shopping mall, try to place them on the side (I .e. the place where they are not easy to be knocked down or tripped by customers). As the model is fragile, if it falls down, the accessories at each interface simply fall off and the model cannot be used.

3. Try not to place the model props in places where the sun is direct or the spotlights are too strong. If the model is often directly illuminated, the paint on the model's appearance will change color.

4. When the appearance of model props is painted in other colors, rubber and detergent are commonly used. However, there are also some stubborn ones that cannot be removed. At the moment, you can think about cleaning with omnidirectional water and pay attention to the concentration of omnidirectional water. If it is too thick, you must add water to dilute it and sort it out, or you will wash off the paint!

5. When the model is accidentally soiled, it can be cleaned by the following methods. The appearance of the clothing display model is white paint, depending on whether the model props have been used for a long time. If you have just used a white model, you can wipe it quietly with a clean wet cloth or eraser. Pay attention to wipe it quietly when using the eraser. Otherwise, some of the ones you wipe will be much brighter than other places. If it has been used for a long time, a little detergent can be added to a clean wet cloth, because the white model that has been used for too long will turn yellow.

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