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Jiangmen Grand Mannequin Co. ,Ltd.

Jiangmen Grand Mannequin Co. ,Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located on the 4th floor, Block B, Building 6, Shajin Heng Industrial Park, Jiangmen City. The factory covers an area of 4000 ㎡, and now has 13 years of production experience in FRP products such as model props.

The company integrates R & D, production, and after-sales service tracking one-stop service. In the industry, it has strong development capabilities, stable supply quantity, sufficient production capacity, guaranteed product quality, reasonable product prices, timely after-sales service tracking, and fast problem response speed., Has won the trust and recognition of most customers in the industry.

2010 Year

Company establishment


Floor Area

100 +

Number of employees

Jiangmen Grand Mannequin Co. ,Ltd.
Jiangmen Grand Mannequin Co. ,Ltd.

The development department can tailor products with beautiful figure, coordinated proportion, excellent quality and satisfactory to customers according to customers' different requirements (size, shape, posture, etc.). The accessories and joints on the model are designed reasonably, and each muscle imitates the truth. The dress can better deduce the original design intention of fashion and show the charm of clothing, which is different from the accessories that are rampant in the market, which are easy to take off and have large joints, even products where muscle deformation causes fashion to go out of shape. At the same time, our products also advocate simple, natural and modern fashion style, pay attention to the aesthetic sense of decoration production department combined with the unity of product function and ergonomics, rigorous process, meticulous workmanship, and adopt the same high-grade paint as the world's senior model props company. The products produced have good molding process, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, fashionable, novel and other excellent quality; at the same time, it can also complete various skin colors or treatment effects according to customer's requirements-natural color flat light, advanced bright light, pan-color bright light, pearl bright light, transparency, electric crossing, flocking, watermark, etc. Makeup and skin lines are more vivid and keep up with the world trend.

Since its establishment, the company has served the garment enterprises with the concept of integrity and win-win, and has won the praise and trust of our customers through continuous pioneering and enterprising. guolan model props limited company to create quality brand, based on the present, looking to the future. We will continue to move forward and make unremitting efforts to cooperate with garment enterprises to achieve better results. Guoyi business strategy: to create "GRAND" quality brand Guoyi business guidelines: integrity norms, scientific and efficient Guoyi business philosophy: quality is the cornerstone of enterprise life Guoyi Cultural Connotation: Quality, Innovation, Reputation and Development Guoyi enterprise value: show the personality of clothing enterprises, enhance the brand image of clothing enterprises

Jiangmen Grand Mannequin Co. ,Ltd.