Production method of glass fiber reinforced plastic model props factory combined clothing display supplies props


Glass fiber reinforced plastic model props manufacturer A method of making combined clothing display supplies props

The utility model relates to the technical field of clothing display props and equipment, in particular to a combined clothing display prop. Clothing generally refers to clothes, shoes, bags, toys, accessories and so on. Mostly it means clothes. For today's society, clothing has become a need for everyone to decorate themselves, protect themselves, and dedicate themselves and their families. Not only to dress, but also as an identity, an attitude to life, an expression of personal charm. Costume display props are items used to set off clothing, display and match the design and environment of commercial space. From the space design point of view, the display props can be large or small.

Glass steel model props manufacturers clothing props can also be independent products, can be used as a separate display items. However, the existing display props cannot meet the use requirements, are cumbersome to use, are inconvenient to install and disassemble, bring trouble to carry, and waste time and manpower. And the existing clothing display props use function is not perfect, if not fully display the characteristics of clothing, not easy to promote the use. Based on the above problems, we propose a combination of clothing display props.

The purpose of the technical personnel of the glass fiber reinforced plastic model prop manufacturer is to provide a combined clothing display prop to solve the problems raised in the above background art. The advantages of the utility model are: by setting the connecting hinge, the telescopic support rod, the support bottom column and the support rod fixing seat, the combination and connection of the clothing display props can be realized, which is convenient for the installation and disassembly of the clothing display props, is convenient to carry, and further saves time and effort, Meet the use requirements and use reliable.

FRP model prop manufacturers believe that in order to solve the above technical problems, technicians have provided the following technical solutions: a combined clothing display prop, including a support bottom plate and two support bottom plates connected by a connecting hinge, the bottom end of the support bottom plate is equipped with a universal self-locking wheel, and the support bottom plate is provided with a mounting seat and a rotating display seat. The mounting seat includes an annular shell and an internal thread. The internal thread on the annular shell is threadedly connected with the external thread at the bottom end of the support bottom column; the bottom column is connected with the fixed through hole of the telescopic support rod through the fixed knob; the top end of the telescopic support rod is provided The support rod fixing seat is fixed on the clothing display rod and connected between the two support rod fixing seats through the support cross rod. The internal thread is located on the inner surface wall of the annular housing.

FRP model prop manufacturers feel that compared with the prior art, the present invention has reasonable design and compact structure; by setting up connecting hinges, telescopic support rods, support bottom columns and support rod fixing seats, the combination and connection of clothing display props can be realized, which is convenient for clothing display The installation and disassembly of props are convenient to carry, save time and effort, meet the use requirements, and use reliably; moreover, by setting suction cups and rotating booths, the characteristics of clothing can be fully displayed.


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