The Function and Common Display Methods of Full Body Mannequin Props


  Full Body ModelSpecialProps are not exclusive to clothing stores. You can also meet several "models" in the home textile store ". Although their shapes are much less than those of "models" with various postures in clothing stores, they are good expressions for displaying things on the bed. So, let's learn about the function and common display methods of full-body mannequin props!

The display beds of traditional home textile stores generally use model display kits of hanging products and real beds, but the former is relatively rigid and cannot be easily viewed and selected. The latter is cited by the display of home textile products because of the large store space and the model prosthesis used by clothing stores, which is intuitive and vivid and takes up little space. When displaying home textile products, home textile companies usually make beds in the shape of clothes and wear them on puppet models. In addition, different home textile companies will use different folding methods to carry out different shapes of rolls and display the pattern of the bed.

Shi Qiye, marketing director of Shanghai Mortal Home Textile Company, who has worked in the home textile industry for many years, said: "The tools for clothing models were introduced into the home textile industry around 2002. The introduction said, "At first, brands such as Luolai and Fuana were used in terminal stores, but in 2005, this prop began to be widely used."

But don't thinkFull Body MannequinThe props of the props are nothing more than mannequins. Sometimes it becomes another species. It was as vivid as seeing the painted horse brought by Fuana at the exhibition. Sometimes the real model is used as the carrier of the product, of course, the real model is also used to display at the exhibition, which also has the meaning of product experience and communication with the audience.

At present, many home textile enterprises began to try the "national textile" model, with the expansion of the product line, home improvement has become one of the first to arrive in the field. At this time, it is very appropriate to use dolls to display the props of full-body mannequin props, which are matched with the bed of home clothes, and can also be coordinated with the surrounding environment to achieve a display effect of unity.

There are a lot of model prostheses displayed in the exhibition rooms of the three textile companies. In the case of multiple model props, the interaction between the model and the model becomes particularly important. The Sanlian furniture showerman gave such an explanation of the interactivity between the props of the costume model. "Showmen need to get inspiration from life and imagine life scenes. Then, design and give each model a life-like personality and emotion according to the scene. Therefore, when putting models, consider communicating with guests, attracting their attention, and making the same model feel different from different angles."

Fashion model props in the window display method of common

The display of each model item: the display of each fashion model item should be in sharp contrast, and should be distinguished from the surrounding goods when displaying, so as to reach the destination of highlighting the center.

This means that two or three fashion models must be placed in the window. In this case, it is too monotonous to put one, and it is too long to put a lot. Combination (combination of more than 3 fashion model items) A combination of multiple fashion model items, because many people now pay attention to design concepts and simple styles, it is not very common in the market now, suitable for personality display and family theme display, etc.

Low look: This means that the model tool of the standing dress and the model tool of the sitting dress will react to each other. Through this display, the model props of clothes have a grade in the window space design and will not lose their beauty.

The above introduction isFull Body MannequinThe role of props and common display methods, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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