What is the development form of window full body mannequins and props?


First of all, let's look at the development of all clay sculptures, which is very traditional. Only window full body mannequins and props companies with strong development strength have these skills. The development objects involved are generally the original image objects of the brand or the full-body mannequins and props in the window of the brand. After the brand determines the design sketch or selects the reference, it takes a relatively long time to directly develop and create the small sketch or clay sketch.

Now let's look at the way "change" develops. Forms of change development are common. The longer the working hours and the richer the accumulated model postures, the more qualified the model company is to cooperate with the reform and development. Of course, there is no way to be unconstrained in this way, and the exclusive image of the brand can be directly excluded; after the customer chooses the posture, he will choose more similar styles in the product library for adjustment, development and re-creation.

Which parts of the full-body mannequin can be used directly, and then develop the missing parts. Although there are many such forms, they still need strong original strength, so many full-body mannequin props companies have development conditions but different abilities; after all, this is not patchwork, but to make full use of existing mold resources and improve development efficiency.

As the name suggests, fine-tuning requires very few modifications, usually changing the head and hands, lengthening the hands and feet, or adjusting the size; this is a large and small full-body mannequin factory. You can do this work. Fine-tuning is very fast. In general, there are a lot of "I just have it, you just need it" situations.

At present, students in the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts have courses in 3D software. Many sculptures are scanned and enlarged through small manuscripts or reduced through large works and printed using 3D scanning technology. Ultimately, the quality of things depends on a good modeler; of course, you can also buy data on the web. After printing the required data, this is also a good way to fine-tune unsatisfactory parts.

Women's clothing store how to show to attract customers:

1. Generally speaking, the systematic design and planning of commodity display should follow the following principles: highlight the characteristics of core or key commodities. For example, for clothes that are very popular, new clothes, special clothes and clothes that are being promoted, they should be different from other clothes on display and give people as strong a visual feeling as possible.

2. Full body mannequin color matching plays an important role. In order to reflect the selling point of the goods, internal matching is necessary. Do interior collocation can make the original display in a piece of clothing clothes sparkle. When you take your clothes in, you should first distinguish the styles and then match them. If you think that the color of the clothes is beautiful, without considering the style of the clothes, you will not be able to match it.

Full-body mannequin clothes of the same color will give people a very suitable feeling. Be careful not to put clothes of the same style and length in the same color match. In addition, use cold colors to set off warm colors, and pay attention to the interplay of cold and warm colors. We cannot allow cool and warm colors to account for 50% each. The ratio of 3:7 is better.


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