Several common display methods of fashion body model props


Model props can be displayed in many ways, but they are also simpler. Finding the right way to display a product or brand is of great help! Below we will introduce six common display methods, hoping to create your own online red shop for you, so as to better promote mainstream clothing.

Full body mannequin According to the seasonal change law, clothing stores operate fashion clothing. Whenever there is a gust of fashion, clothing stores should take on a new look outside and in the windows of the store.

If the merchandise has not been significantly replaced, make some changes in the display, decoration and decoration of the full body mannequins and props of the clothing, which can also change the new look of the store, thus attracting customers and buyers.

Path-oriented method, as the name suggests: the layout of the full-body mannequin in a clothing store should be conducive to the walking of customers, and can create a continuous walking design, so as to bring an attractive feeling to customers. For some deep stores, it is recommended to design the channel into an S shape and extend inward. For stores in squares and rectangular venues, customers can turn around a few more times through the arrangement of shelves to avoid turning around and returning after entering the stores.

Full body mannequins In the cyclic exchange method, some clothing styles are placed in a certain position for too long. Because of the light and the surrounding style, no one will pay attention. At this time, we need our shopping guide to help change the original position, and recombine and place with other styles of clothing, so as to produce new display themes and increase sales opportunities. It will be more noticeable to move the clothes on the inner shelf to the outer shelf. Through periodic exchanges, coupled with other new styles on the shelves, the entire clothing store will give people a long and forever new feeling.

In addition to some traditional styles in clothing stores, such as shirts, most fashionable clothes are sold by directly showing the effect to consumers. When people see a beautiful exhibit, they will mistakenly think that they are also so beautiful and temperament, which is an irresistible marketing psychology. In addition to hanging display and shelf display, clothing can also be displayed through model props. In general, there are platforms and virtual models of people.

Clothing store display is the key to attract customers. If you want to create an attractive store display, you need to combine clothing store display with fashion trends! So when summer comes, what should store displays do to attract customers? Use accessories and window designs to express fashion.

Some fixed expressions, design methods, design elements and colors of full-body mannequins have been widely recognized and promoted, and have been widely welcomed.

If the clothing brand's products and stores are not popular enough, what should the clothing display do? A particularly simple method is to rely on accessories. Accessories should use very popular colors, styles and other popular elements. Bags, necklaces, belts, bracelets, earrings, flowers, full-body mannequin hairstyles and other accessories can extend the popularity on the basis of brand style.

The good use of body mannequin accessories, coupled with the careful design of the windows, can make the clothing brand as a whole show a sense of fashion.


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